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Our Story

It all started with an innocent bet that my father lost to my mother. As payment, my father, a man who had trouble boiling water, had to cook the traditional Shabbos meal for the family. Much to our surprise, the meal was a hit!  There was one dish that especially stood out; my father had made the perfect potato kugel. From then on, my dad was tasked with the job of making the labor intensive kugel each week. That Purim he put the kugel into his baskets and received rave reviews from friends and family.  My father was convinced that he had a product he could sell.

With the family peeling mountains of potatoes and onions in our kitchen, my father first sold the kugel via home delivery in our hometown of Staten Island, NY. I soon joined him in the business as we expanded to selling through local specialty shops and (much to my mother’s relief) moved out of the family kitchen into a small space in Brooklyn, NY.

We sold our expanding list of homemade quality products throughout the NY Tri-State area keeping to a very simple philosophy: work as hard as we can to deliver the most authentic homestyle products possible. The rest will take care of itself.

My father retired in 2004 and I have been blessed to be joined by my two partners; Eli and Yehuda. The three of us, along with the entire Classic Cooking family, share a deep sense of commitment to make great tasting, homemade quality dishes that you can share and enjoy with your family.  And that Potato Kugel you see in the grocery store today? It’s the exact same kugel, made with the same exact recipe that my father made for my family all those years ago. So try one of Classic Cooking’s dishes today. We bet you’ll love it!